Consultations – Nutritional and Herbal Medicine

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Leanne Johnston is a Medical Nutritionist, Herbalist and Yoga Teacher and the founder of Sustainably Nourishing. Leanne has spent more than 20 years working in the natural health industry in many different capacities – working with young people, women’s health, addiction, mental health, aged care, rehabilitation, weight loss, and NDIS.

Leanne’s diversity of experiences ranges from working at an internationally acclaimed health & wellbeing retreat, boutique drug & alcohol rehabilitation centre (based around Traditional Chinese medicine), and yoga retreats. She has had experience in co-facilitating & facilitating cooking demonstrations on retreats as well as on-site managerial roles.  Her diversity of experiences lends an extraordinary level of knowledge in which to support people.

Her experiences have been focussed around food and nutritional wellbeing both in her own unique health journey and in working with people, alongside their team of health practitioners, or individually as their sole support. Leanne has a genuine, compassionate caring nature which puts others at ease, she is able to guide people into a better understanding, gently, of themselves, supporting them to ensure that self-care and particularly nutrition and food are a priority in their health and wellbeing journey – physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Appointments are available on a Tuesday from Noosa Mind and Body in Noosaville.

Appointments can be made here

Leanne has touched my life profoundly over a short period of time. Life flows through her with power, beauty and grace, affecting everyone who interacts with her. I have experienced and seen her presence alone open hearts, activating Life more deeply and joyfully in others – it is magical to witness.   The humility and power with which Leanne holds space is honouring and affirming, allowing deep letting go, with expansion and spaciousness moving through with ease.    The love, joy and illumination with which she nourishes for retreats is reflected vividly in the inspired, delicious food she offers meal after meal. The term ‘nourishing’ is clearly not employed lightly – her open-hearted offering is a potent healing experience for retreat participants, of which the food is just one beautiful aspect. Leanne has an astounding intuitive awareness concerning physically manifested dis-ease, that she shares with generosity and compassion. Her passion for, and depth of understanding of the nature of wellbeing, I have so far found unparalleled – her knowledge base is immense on so many levels.With a love and wisdom that stems directly from her own heart-centered experience, Leanne’s offerings bring about a response of deep trust that leads one into the depths of their own self-led healing and expansion – the highest gift possible.Ally Goodwin