Welcome to Sustainably Nourishing

Welcome to Sustainably Nourishing……. We offer a holistic approach to nourishing physical, mental and emotional wellness offering you tools  to connect with the pathway that supports your uniqueness in returning to and/or optimising true wellness, assisting in releasing dis-ease states.
At Sustainably Nourishing we can offer you support in:

Leanne Johnston is a Medical Nutritionist, Herbalist and Yoga Teacher and the founder of Sustainably Nourishing. Leanne has spent more than 20 years working in the natural health industry in many different capacities – working with young people, women’s health, addiction, mental health; anxiety; depression; heightened states of nervous system arousal; aged care, rehabilitation, weight loss, diversity of NDIS participants.

Leanne’s diversity of experiences ranges from working at an internationally acclaimed health & wellbeing retreat, boutique drug & alcohol rehabilitation centre (based around Traditional Chinese medicine), and yoga retreats. She has had experience in co-facilitating & facilitating cooking demonstrations on retreats and for corporate workshops,  on-site managerial roles, facilitating and co-facilitating workshops and lecturing on the inter-related connection (ecosystem) of physical, mental and emotional health, the relationship between food and mental health.  Her diversity of experiences lends an extraordinary level of knowledge in which to support people.

Her experiences have been focussed around food, herbs, the internal and external ecosystems, yoga, breath work, meditation and nutritional wellbeing both in her own unique health journey and in working with people, alongside their team of health practitioners, or individually as their sole support. Leanne has a genuine, compassionate caring nature which puts others at ease, she is able to guide people into a better understanding, gently, of themselves, supporting them to the awareness that self-care and particularly nutrition and food are a priority in their health and wellbeing journey.