Nutritional and Herbal Medicine Holistic Consultations

Leanne Johnston ~
Nutritional and Herbal Medicine Practitioner, yoga teacher.                     
Sustainably Nourishing offers a holistic approach to wellness, assisting one to become aware of their current and past experience that may be holding one back from living a healthy life.   We will walk beside you on your path of wellness, assisting you in creating space within, to remove these blockages and allow for full body healing, leading to a more peaceful and harmonious life and the acceptance of the perfection of self as you are in each moment.


  • Initial consultations will vary from 1-2 hours
  • Follow-up consultations are generally around 1 hour.
  • If you feel that you may require more time at point of booking please inquire.

What to expect 

I will use a range of ancient and modern natural healing methods to assist in removing blockages, gently allowing the return of awareness, tuning your consciousness into the innate and intuitive understanding that is you – holistically you. Using food as medicine, meditation and breathing practices, herbal remedy, flower essences, intuitive awareness, recipe ideas, movement, and years of personal experience and understanding of natural healing modalities to draw from.


  • Initial Consultation fees are $95.00  * please allow for 2 hours at the initial consultation
  • Follow up consultation are $80